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The Directory: What are Work Contacts?
The Directory: What are Work Contacts?
Add vendors, customers and important contacts to your Directory
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The directory is your company's digital phone book, where users and admins can search for their colleagues' information. To learn more about the Directory feature make sure to read our article Starting Guide to the Directory.

Using work contacts is the best way to add work contacts that are not app users. Examples of these could be: Your Front desk or reception, emergency contacts, customers, vendors, and more! A Work contact doesn’t have access to the app.

In this article we will discuss:

How to add work contact:

  1. Click Directory on your side bar.

  2. Click the Work Contacts tab.

  3. Click add contact.

  4. Complete the contact's details.

  5. Click save contact.

Can I Hide Work Contacts?

Work contacts will be available to all mobile users, unless hidden. You can hide work contacts using the visible in app column. This is a capability available in the Advanced and Expert plans.

Pro tip: You can use shortcuts to attach the directory to tasks, shifts, and more. To learn more about shortcuts check our article Starting Guide to Shortcuts.

Where Can I Find Work Contacts on the Mobile App?

To find the work contacts on your mobile app, simply click on the Directory feature.

Once you're in the directory feature, you will see the work contacts first and the users second. You can press on a work contact and make a call. It's that simple!

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