Do you frequently have users who forget to submit a form or do a task? What about completing a course? Did you wish there was an easier way to remind your users than having to send them a chat message or manually send a reminder? Well, then the shortcuts capability is for you! Shortcuts are internal links that can be added to a variety of features such as a shift or a task. This allows you to easily send your users directly to the relevant content with the click of a button.

Now that you know what shortcuts are let's go over which features shortcuts can be used in and what types of shortcuts you can add.

Quick Tasks

Adding an internal link to a task is a great option. In fact, you could create a task assign it to a user and attach a shortcut to exactly the information you need them to know. This can be a form they need to fill out, a course or survey they need to take, and much more! You could even create a task for your admins or yourself saying such as reviewing the weekly schedule and attaching a shortcut directly to the schedule.

Let's take a look at exactly how this is done from the dashboard and the mobile app!

Pro tip: If you are not sure how to create a task have a look at this article

From the Dashboard: Navigate to the quick tasks on your left sidebar, and create a new task or edit an existing one. Then in the description box select the paperclip icon. Select add shortcuts, and attach the relevant shortcut.

In the example below we create a task named complete part one of the onboarding and use the shortcuts to attach an internal link directly to the course. It doesn't get easier than that!

To learn more about the course feature and how to create an onboarding check out the Starting Guide to Courses - How To Create a Digital Onboarding article

From the Mobile App: Navigate to the quick tasks in the top panel, then create a new task or edit an existing one. Select the add more details button, and in the description select

In the example below I create a task named call the client Merideth Grey. I then use the shortcuts to attach an internal link to the Directory, where all the work contacts information is stored

If you are not sure how to use the directory, take a look at our article in the Directory.

Job Schedule

Do you want employees to take a specific course, fill out a certain form, or take a certain survey while on their shift? Well, why not use a shortcut then. Using a shortcut enables you to add the form, course, or survey directly to their scheduled shift. There is no way they can miss it then! To learn more about shortcuts in the job schedule check out this article.

If you want to learn more about the job schedule check out the Quick Tasks: Getting Started Article.


Using shortcuts when creating an update is a create option You can remind users to do something while directing them exactly to the information they need. Weathers it’s filling out a form, checking their schedule, taking a course, chatting with their manager, marking their attendance for an event, taking a survey, or much more, it can all be done using shortcuts in the updates tab. To learn more about this check out this article!

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