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Starting Guide to the Directory
Starting Guide to the Directory

Use the directory to manage all your company work related contacts

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If you want to keep all your employees' contact information all in one place then the Directory is for you! It allows you to create a phone book with the contact information for the company's employees. You can also add Work Contacts, such as clients and vendors, which your company may use.

You and your employees can access phone numbers, emails and also call any of the people listed in your company's Directory. Easily allow your employees to reach out to each other and chat using the Directory, or limit which information employees can access based on custom fields.

This article will go over:

Let go over the process of getting started with the directory below.

Activating the Directory

To activate the Directory, click Directory on your side bar and click activate directory.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that all the users, regardless of their Smart Groups will be able to access the Directory in their smartphones once it is activated in the dashboard. What users see however can be managed through the Directory Settings.

Work Contacts

Use the Work Contacts tab to add people that do not belong to your company's app.

This is the place to add more work contacts that are not app users, like reception, help desk, emergency contacts, customers, vendors and more! A Work Contact doesn’t have access to the app.

To add a work contact:

  1. Click Directory on your side bar.

  2. Click the Work Contacts tab.

  3. Click add contact.

  4. Complete the contact's details.

  5. Click save contact.

The Directory Settings

The Directory Settings allow you to decide how you users will use the directory and to which information they will have access to. To get to the settings tab, enter the directory and navigate to the option tab and select settings.

Once inside the setting there are three options, to display users in the mobile app, Mobile Users Viewing Permissions, and Information Visibility. Let's go over these below!

Displaying Users in the App

To display users in the app make sure the display users in the mobile directory option is toggled on. If you do not want users' information to be visible to you, and would like to use only Work Contacts, you can toggle this option off.

Mobile Users Viewing Permissions

The mobile users options allow admins to choose whether mobile users are able to view users in the directory, whether they can only view with other users who meet specific criteria, or if there are certain users they will never be able to see. Below we will go over the different options.

Mobile Users Can View Anyone

This option allows users to view other users in the directory.

Mobile Users Can Not View Anyone

By choosing this option, a mobile user will not be able to view anyone in the directory except users who meet certain criteria. Here you have two options:

  • Option 1: Except with users with the the same - Here you can choose from the dropdown a criteria that the other user needs to match in order for them to be able view each other's contact for example position. This corresponds to the Custom fields selected in their user profile. When using this option users will only be allowed to view contacts of those with the same custom fields.

For example: if we have a company with different branches you may want users to only see other users from their branch in the directory. Setting these settings to be mobile users can not view users who except those with the same branch will allow users to only view those from their branch. Take a look at how this looks below.

  • Option 2: Except with specific selected users - Here you can choose selected only users specific users which users will be able to chat with.

For example: You may choose to allow them to view only direct managers and nobody else. Take a look at how this looks below.

Mobile users can not view

This option allows you to select users that will not be able to be viewed in the directory. For example you may not want your CEO or higher executives to be displayed in the directory. Any users you select here will not be displayed in the directory.

Information Visibility

This allows you to decide which information will be displayed in the directory for users to see. You can easily uncheck the information you don’t want displayed in the directory. For example you may not want users email to appear in the directory you can easily uncheck the email field.

In the example below you can see I unselected all the options besides phone number, email, and position and only these will be displayed in the directory. To the right I can always see exactly how an example of how this will look in the app itself.

Pro tip: The information available in this list is based on the Custom Fields created in the user profile.

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