How to Change Your Email

Learn how to change your email address in Connecteam

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In Connecteam, we offer the option for owners and admins to change their emails in just a few easy and secure steps. Keep reading to learn how to do so!

If you are an employee who needs to change your email address on the platform, please reach out to your direct manager or to the system owners or admins in your company's Connecteam account to request this change.

How to Change Your Email Address

Go to the Users tab on the sidebar, and click on your user profile. Find the Email field in your profile and click on the pencil icon.

This will open up a window where you will need to enter the requested email address as well as your account password.

Once you click on Send verification email, a verification email will get sent to the requested email address.

As mentioned in the message, the email is valid for 24 hours. If you do not verify this email within 24 hours, your email address will not be changed and you will need to re-submit the request.

This is what the verification email looks like:

You'll know that the email was successfully changed when you get a message saying 'Your email address has been updated'.

How to Change an Email on Behalf of Another Admin or Owner

At the moment, you can only change your own email in the Connecteam web app. If you're interested in changing another owner or admin's email, you can share this article with them or you can reach out to the Support team on the chat (bottom right corner of your screen). Our support representatives are readily available to assist you with changing the email address!

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