3 Ways to Distribute the App to Your Employees

Sharing the app with your employees and sending reminders to download the app

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Now that you have started setting up your platform it's time to share the app with your employees and get them connected. From inviting them via text, getting an invite link and sending never logged in users reminders, this can all be done with just a few click on the dashboard.

In this article we will go over:

Send Invite Text when adding new users

After adding in all your new users, make sure the "Send an invite" checkbox is marked:

Downloading your QR code

Another way you can distribute your app is by downloading your very own QR code that way everyone that is part of your company can easily scan.

Send reminder to users who have not logged in yet

You have already sent your employees and invite but they still have not logged in?

You can easily resend them a reminder invite by going to the Overview page and click on 'Select users to invite':

Pro Tip: You can send up to 3 reminders per employee.

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