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Here at Connecteam we understand that time equals money, and that best way to do things is quickly and efficiently. Updating users information is incredibly important to keep your company app up to date and running smoothly. It can however, be tedious and time consuming. With the users detail tab you can update each custom field for all your users with a click of a button. Gone are the days of entering each and every user's profile to update their details, or figure out which profile is missing what information.

In this article we will go over

How to Find the Users Details Tab

To find the users details tab simply navigate to the users tab on the left side bar. Then in the top right click on Users Details.

Take a look at how this looks below.

Understanding Insight From the Users Details Tab

The users details tab gives you an overview of all your customs fields and which users custom field details have been completed or not. From the Users Details page you can see an overview of each custom field marked by green, yellow, or red circles. By hovering over a specific one, you can see what percentage of profiles have this this custom fields completed.

By clicking on a particular custom field, you will see a list of all your users and the status of the information in their custom field: whether it is empty, filled out, and if so the particular information related to their individual profiles.

Pro tip: Please note that any custom field that has a lock icon next to it is a field that can't be deleted.

In the example below you can see that I select the custom field role and I am able to see the status of each user. I am also able to see how many users have this field filled or unfilled.

By selecting the filled button you can see all the users whose custom field has been completed. By selecting the unfilled button you can receive a list of all the users who custom field has yet to be filled out. Here you can choose to complete their information.

Finally, the filter option allows you to filter the list of each custom field clicked on to gain insights of which users contain what information. Below you can see clicked on the custom field departments and filtered for department is Emergency.

Updating Users Information

To update the custom fields of users simply click on the relevant custom field, select the unfilled tab and enter or select the information. Here you can quickly update one user after the other until this custom field as been filled in all your users profiles.

If you want to update all the custom fields for a specific user hover over the users names and click on profile, close the users details tab and this specific users profile will be opened in the background. Take a look at how this looks below when I update I decide to update the custom fields of Maggie Pierce.

Pro tip: There are many types of custom fields. For example, date, time based, and drop down. The type of information you enter and how you enter it will be based on the type to custom field. To learn more about this check out this article. Additionally, Smart Groups are based on the custom fields information inside a user's profile. Updating user details from this tab rather than through their individual profiles makes it easier to see which information is missing and for which users, saving you (the admin) time and headache of figuring out if you missed somebody. The entire process of adding users and creating smart groups just became more simple and efficient.

Adding a Custom Field

If your'e updating your users details and decide you would like to add another custom field this can easily be done.

To add a custom field select the + Add Field button at the segment you would like the field added. Then, decide the type of custom field and press save. Thats it! Now you can begin updating your users details.


In this article we went over Connecteam's users details tab. We discussed why it is faster and more efficient to update user details from inside their individual user profile, and how to updated these details both for individual users and in bulk. Finally we learned how to add a custom field from the users details tab.

Now that you know it all, get started updating your users details.

Additional Resources

Below is a list of additional resources on some of the concepts discussed throughout the article. These might help you with adding and updating users and give you better understanding smart groups snd custom fields.

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