Can I Add Users to a Smart Group in Bulk?

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Smart Groups are filtered by User Profile Fields and any user whose profile fields match the smart group filter will automatically be added to the group. Since this is the case, the short answer is no - you can not add users to a smart group in bulk. You can, however, update user fields in bulk; and the users whose profile fields you do update in bulk will be automatically added to the relevant smart group(s). Let's take a look at how to do this.

Step 1: Navigate to the smart group tab and enter the smart group that you want to add your employees to. Check how the group is filtered.

You can see below that our New York Smart Group is filtered by Branch is New York

Step 2: Navigate to the Users tab, and check the users who you want to be added to the group. Then from the actions tab click Update User Details select the relevant user profile field, and the relevant value.

In our case, I wanted to add Michael, Sam, and Jenny, so I checked off their names, from teh actions tab I clicked on updated user details, and choose the field branch and the option New York.

Now when I go back to our New Your Smart Group - I can see that Michael, Sam, and Jenny were added.

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