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Custom fields are a smart way to identify and group your workforce.They allow admins and owners to customize what information is important to them in order to organize their users. A drop down custom field allows you to create pre established options for a given custom field. This gives you control over which information other admins or users can add to a specific custom field and makes sure no mistakes are made. It will also save you time, when completing the custom field for all your mobile users, and we all love saving time!

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How to Create a Drop Down Custom Field

All Custom fields can be easily created and managed from the Users Details tab. To create a custom field enter a user's tab tab and select the users details tab in the top right hand corner.

Now the employee details menu should appear. Once inside select the +Add a field button and then choose drop down.

Now name your field, and add the options. These options will be what admins or users choose from when updating the custom field.

In the example below you can see I created a drop down custom field named position, with the options Cook, Waiter, Bartender, Hostess, and Manager.

How to Import a Drop Down List

Now that you know how to create a drop down custom field, let us show you how to create these faster! Perhaps you need to create a lot of fields. Well then, importing them would certainly be a faster option!

To import a drop down list of options first navigate to the employee details and add a field as done above. Then rather than adding options manually simply select import.

To import the items, just copy the items from your already created spreadsheet into the import window as shown in the image below and click on Import Items.

Viola! Your list has been important.

How to Add Information to a Users Profile Using a Drop Down Custom Field

Now that you created this custom field adding the information to a user's profile is easier than ever! Right away you can select the custom field, see who is missing information in this field and update it! All without needing to go to a specific user's profile. Take a look at how this is done in the example below.

Pro tip: This option is true for any custom field, not just a drop down one!

If you do want to update a custom field directly from the user's profile, we give you that option as well. Simply navigate to the user's profile, navigate to the relevant custom field and select the relevant option from the drop down.

In the example below you can see in Johnny's user profile I updated his position to Cook.

How to Importing Users with a Drop Down Custom Field

Now that you go the basics down, let’s take it one step further. Perhaps you are a larger company who adds or updates users via import and not manually. You may be wondering if a drop down custom field works with that? Well it does.

By default, when downloading our CSV file to add or update users, there will be one column with the custom field name. You can complete it in the CSV or complete it later on from your dashboard, as done above. In the example below you can see I have the custom field Position.

If you want to attach more than one position to a user simply add more columns. The column names following the example above will be Position 1, Position 2, Position 3. You need to create as many columns as positions you wish to attach to each user.

After that simply finish following the import instructions and you should be good to go!

Please note: That i add an option that does not exist in your drop down custom field then you will receive an error.


In this article we went into what drop down custom fields are and the benefits of using them. We learned how to create a custom field, and how to create a drop down list using the import option. We went over two ways to update a drop down custom field in a users profile and how to add or update users with a drop down custom field when using the import. Now get using drop down custom fields to identify your workplace!

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