Custom fields are very important since they will later on help you create Smart Groups and will allow you to filter your workforce at all times.

A drop down custom field allows you to create options to quickly distinguish your employees. You can create different drop down custom fields such as Position, Branch, Seniority, etc. The advantage of a drop down custom field is that you will have pre- established options for a given field. This will save you time later on, when completing the custom field for all your mobile users. 

To create a drop down custom field click the users tab and click on any user. Click manage fields to add a drop down custom field.

Click add field and choose the drop down option. Type your new drop down custom field and the options as in the example below:

To complete the drop down custom field, click your users tab and select any user. Open the drop down menu and choose the desired option. You can choose more than one option.

Importing users with a drop down custom field

By default, when downloading our CSV file to add or archive users, there will be one column with the custom field name. You can complete it in the CSV or complete it later on from your dashboard.

If you want to attach more than one position to each user, add more columns. The column names following the example above will be Position 1, Position 2, Position 3. You need to create as many columns as positions you wish to attach to one single user.

Please note that when you complete the CSV file, the options you choose should already exist in your dropdown menu. If the option does not exist in the drop down menu, the import process will display an error, as shown in the image:

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