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User Profile fields are a smart way to identify and group your workforce. They allow admins and owners to customize what information is important to them in order to organize their users. A User Profile field is an information field found inside the user's profile, and is filled with information specific to each employee. User Profile fields can be fields such as position, birthday, employee start date, t-shirt size and much more! User Profile fields are important since they allow you to filter your workforce at all times, and later on, they will also help you create Smart Groups to better manage your employees.

In this article will go over:

Now let's get started!

Where Do I find User Profile Fields

User Profile fields can be easily created and managed from the Users Details tab. To create a User Profile field enter the user's details tab. Here you will be able to create, edit, or delete employee detail categories and User Profile fields.

Types of User Profile Fields

Now that you understand why User Profile fields are so important and where they are found, let's go over the types of User Profile fields that exist. You can create a User Profile field in the form of an email, date, number, text, phone number, drop down, file, birthday and direct manager.

Now let's go over a few examples of how this might look.

Example 1: You may use the text form to create a User Profile field called Position, where users or administrators can enter the user positions at the company.

Example 2: You may create a drop down User Profile field form to create a User Profile field called T-shirt, with size options such as Small, Medium, Large, which users or admins can choose from.

Example 3: You may use the date form to create a User Profile field named Employment Start Date. This will give admins or users the option to later add a date in each user's profile.

Creating User Profile Fields Step By Step

After you have navigated to the employee details page as done above you can create a User Profile field. Simply select Add Field and choose the type of field.

Then name it and press save. In the example below you can see I create a User Profile Field named Job. If you create a User Profile field for one user, that User Profile field will be added to every one of your users' profiles. The admin will only need to update the created User Profile field in each profile.

Pro tip: By default the user profile has two categories of fields these are Personal Details and Company Details, but you can always create additional categories or rename these. To add a category simply click on + Add Category in the top right hand corner and name the category. To rename the category, hover over the Personal Details or Company detail title and select the pen icon.

User Profile Field Settings

Once you have added a user profile field it is important to set their settings. This can be done either while creating the user profile field, or after the fact. To set a user profile field's settings simply enter the employee details page, hover over the user profile field and select settings. Here you are presented with a few options.

Lets go over these below:

  • Select which admins can view this information - here you can choose which admins can see information in a particular user profile field

  • Select which admins can edit this information - allows you to choose which admins can edit information of specific user profile fields

  • Required - checking this field off means the user profile field is required to be filled out when adding the user

  • Visible for mobile users - this allow users to

  • Users can edit this information via the mobile app - checking this option allows the admin to give the ability to update information of a certain user profile field to users. This can be great for user profile fields that contain more personal information such as t-shirt, birthday, or allergies.

  • Multiple Selection - checking this option allows users to select more then one option for a drop down list. This option is specifically for drop down user profile fields.

Updating User Profile Fields Inside a Users profile.

Now that you know all about creating and editing user profile fields. Let's go over what these look like and how they can be updated inside a user’s profile. Once inside the user's profile you can see the user profile fields listed under the categories.

In the example below we can see there are user profile fields such as position, employment start date and branch.

To update these user profile fields simply type in, add a date, or select from the drop down the correct information. In the example below I set my users position to be cook. Take a look at how this looks below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to create these user profile fields?

The best time to create a user profile field is actually before you add in your users. This way you will no exactly which fields you need to identify your workhouse and ensure the field is filled out when each user is

Is there a way to bulk update the user profile fields? How can I do that?

Yes there is. There are two ways you can bulk update user profile fields.

The first is in the User tab. Simply select the users whose user profile fields you want to update and use the action tab, select update users details, select the field and the new fields vale. Take a look at how this looks below

The second is in the employee details page, inside the user profile field itself. After entering the employee details page as done above select the user profile field. A menu will appear to the right, here you can enter the missing information for the relevant users. In the example below you can see I updated some users who were missing information in the user profile field named Branch.

Can I see who does not have a specific user profile field filled out?

Yes, you can! When you enter the employee details page as done above click on a specific custom field, a summary will appear on the right. Here you can view the status and see which users have value entered in their user profile field and which do not.


In this article we went over what a user profile field is and how it helps you identify your workforce. We described how to find user profile fields and the types of user profile fields that exist. We created a user profile field step by step, and learned how to set the settings of each user profile field. We also updated user profile fields in our users profile and answered some of out most asked question. Now that you know the basics and more. Go ahead and identify your workforce!

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