One of the most important aspects of running a business is managing and approving your employees to take time off. This could be a vacation, a sick day, or simply a day off. With connecteam's time off feature, you can do all that and more in a way that is transparent to both managers and employees. Another important aspect of time off management is documenting approved time off. The time off insights capability is a great way to follow up on all the time off taken by team members.

In this article we will go over two things:

How to View Approved Time Off

Viewing upcoming time off is simple. Just navigate to the time off feature on the left sidebar. Once inside, you'll immediately see a list of all users assigned to the feature.

Here you can view the number of requests submitted per user and their approved time off.

To view their balances, scroll to the right and click on this drop-down button, and a more detailed view of all the policies they are assigned to will appear.

Viewing Approved time off with Connecteam

Pro Tip: Don't be alarmed when clicking on the drop-down in the all policies view if you see policies that your company no longer has. The all-policy view saves information from deleted policies as well as archived users.

If you want to view the breakdown per a policy and not all policy types at once then at the top you can easily switch between the policy types.

Switching time off policies with Connecteam

If you would like to gain further insights into a specific user's requests you can scroll to the right and click on these 3 dots and view requests. Here, you can view all their requests and who approved each one. You can also filter to view only approved or rejected time off. Note that the PTO balance when the absence was requested is always visible next to each approved or rejected absence.

Viewing Approved time off in Connecteam

Of course, like most things in connecteam, you can export these by clicking export in the top right-hand corner.

Exporting time off in Connecteam

How to Use Time Off Insights

The Time Off Insights capability allows admins to understand trends occurring with time off. If you are wondering how much vacation is being taken or how many sick days are used, the time off Insights breaks this down per policy. This lets you easily understand everything related to your company's time off and use them to make necessary decisions,

To view time off insights simply click on insights in the time of the dashboard.

You'll be able to see all your policy types and the number of requests and hours taken across the company. It's as simple as that!

Time Off Insights in Connecteam


In this article, we went over how to view approved time off per a user and how to view user time off insights in your day-to-day. Now get started taking some time off!

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