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How Can I Add a Partial Day Time Off?
How Can I Add a Partial Day Time Off?

Change the day length of a submitted paid/unpaid time off

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When adding time off the default is for the entire day to be marked as time off. However, since users often need only a partial day off for appointments, you can easily adjust the request to be for a partial day or a few hours.

First, you will want to toggle off the 'all day' option in the time off

Upon doing so, you can then adjust the start/end time of the time off request resulting in a partial day off, and customizing it to the hours needed off by the employee.

Note that employees can also add partial day time off for themselves when submitting their time off request. To teach employees to use the time off feature share with them this employee guide.

Additional Time Off Resources

*Time Off is available on Connecteam's HR Hub*

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