How to Claim an Open Shift

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Does your employer use open shifts to build the schedule? Great! This gives you the ultimate flexibility to decide which shifts you want to work! Let’s take a look at how open shifts look and how to claim them.

In this article we will go over the following:

How To Claim Open Shifts From The Mobile App

  1. Access your company's app. Click here to learn how.

  2. Click the job scheduler and select your schedule.

  3. Click on a relevant day and select the open shift

  4. Click claim the shift, or enter the Shift to see its details and confirm there.

  5. If the shift is without admin approval, you are done! The shift has been added to your schedule.

  6. If the shift requires admin approval, you'll see its status - Pending Admin Approval, Accepted, Rejected.

GIF of user claiming shift in Connecteam's Job Scheduler mobile app

Now Let's Get a Detailed View of Your Schedule:

The first view you will see when entering the schedule is the view of all the open shifts available for claim and shifts that were assigned to you for that week. You'll also see the weekly summary at the end of every week that will display the number of shifts and hours you are assigned in total, as seen in the left photo below. If you click on a specific date, you'll see a detailed view of the shifts and the statuses of shifts that are claimed for that day, as seen in the right photo below.

Screenshots of open shifts in Connecteam's Job Scheduler mobile app

Next, after claiming shifts that require admins' approval, you'll see the status of the shift for all shifts that you claimed as seen in the left photo below. Once the shifts are approved or declined by the admin, you'll see them displayed in your personal view.

Screenshot of claimed shifts pending approval on left and of approved shifts on right in Connecteam's Job Scheduler mobile app

Finally, after your claimed shifts were approved, you'll get a full display of all your shifts for that week. At the bottom, you'll see the weekly summary. In the example below, you can see that the user has 6 shifts that week with a total of 29:30 hours.

Screenshot of shifts and weekly summary at the bottom in Connecteam's Job Scheduler mobile app

How To Claim Open Shifts From The Dashboard Users View

  1. Go into the Job Scheduler feature.

  2. Click on the shift you wish to claim.

  3. Click on "Claim shift".

GIF of claiming an open shift in Connecteam's Job Scheduler on the dashboard users view

4. If a "pending admin approval" pops up on the top right corner of the shift's details, it means your Admin requires shift approval. Once the shift is approved by your admin, it will automatically appear on your Job Scheduler.

Screenshot of claimed shift pending admin approval in Connecteam's Job Scheduler on the dashboard users view

Congrats, you went over all the steps. Now go ahead and claim those shifts before they're taken!

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