You and your employees can access phone numbers, emails and also call any of the people listed in your company's Directory. Easily allow your employees to reach out to each other and chat using the Directory.

Plus, you have the ability to add Work Contacts, such as clients and vendors.

Let's go over the process!

Activating the Directory

  1. To activate the Directory, click Directory on your side bar.

  2. Click activate directory.

Keep in mind that all the users, regardless of their Smart Groups will be able to access the Directory in their smartphones once it is activated in the dashboard.

Work Contacts

Use the Work Contacts tab to add people that do not belong to your company's app.

This is the place to add more work contacts that are not app users, like reception, help desk, emergency contacts, customers, vendors and more! A Work contact doesn’t have access to the app.

To add a work contact:

  1. Click Directory on your side bar.

  2. Click the Work Contacts tab.

  3. Click add contact.

  4. Complete the contact's details.

  5. Click save contact.

Available Info

Available in the Advanced and Enterprise plans

Hide a single user details' from all mobile users using the available info column.

Visible in the app

Available in the Advanced and Enterprise plans

This option is useful, for example,  if one of your app users is a high level executive and you do not want all your company to be able to reach out to him or her.
All his/her details (name, last name, mobile phone number) will be hidden from all your mobile users.

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