Custom fields are a smart way to identify and group your workforce. You can create and manage tags and custom fields from the Users tab.
Custom fields are important since they will later on help you create Smart Groups and they will allow you to filter your workforce at all times.

Custom Fields

Custom fields will help you better identify all your users. You can add them to your user's profiles. Later on, you can create groups using the custom fields. If you create a custom field for one user, that custom field will be added to every one of your users' profile.

To add a custom field:

  1. Click the Users tab on your side bar.

  2. Select any user.

  3. Click Manage fields.

  4. Click add field>custom field

The new custom field will be displayed in all your employees details'. You can complete the custom field manually.

To arrange custom fields, hover your mouse over the custom field and use the arrow to drag and drop and rearrange the custom field as showed below.

When ever you add a custom field, you can decide for the custom field will be required or not.
Hover your mouse over the custom field and a pencil will appear. Click the pencil to edit the custom field.

Check the required box to make the custom field required.

Every custom field with a * next to it, is a required custom field. If you select required, for every new user that you add you will need to complete the custom field when you add the new user.

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