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Benefits of Connecteam
Benefits of Connecteam

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective operational management, internal communication, and employee training are crucial for running a successful business, especially one that wants to expand. Connecteam presents a powerful solution that redefines employee and business management. People are a business's most valuable resource; their success has a direct effect on the bottom line. Add onto that the fact that turnover rates lower as employee engagement increases, and you've got yourself Connecteam, the ultimate app that's here to help bridge that gap using a wide range of tools.

Operations Hub: All of your business operations under one roof

The Operations Hub is your ultimate tool for managing your operations and simplifying your business processes. Using Connecteam, simplify staff scheduling by planning and dispatching jobs or shifts using the Job Scheduler. Once the employee is on the road, have them use Quick Tasks to manage tasks that need to get done on the job and fill out Forms to help you go paperless by digitizing manual work. With the Time Clock’s smooth time tracking, get payroll done with no time at the end of the month.

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Communications Hub: Quick and direct communication to reach your mobile workforce

Effective internal communication can help foster a positive workplace culture, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and improve productivity and collaboration. The Communications Hub is your key to seamless operational communication with your mobile workforce. Separate your work from your personal life with simple and secure business chat messaging through the Chat that allows you to stay connected with your employees throughout the workday. Gather valuable insights from your team using Surveys and Polls, to gather feedback so that you can make the best and most precise decisions for your business. Using that feedback, make informed decisions and share them immediately with your team with Updates. Share new protocols, manuals, and other crucial information accessible anytime, anywhere, with the Knowledge Base. Boost event participation with Events and facilitate direct peer-to-peer communication with the Directory.

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HR & Skills Hub: HR & people management made easy

Employee training is the cornerstone of a professional workforce and a successful business. The HR & Skills Hub helps you reach your goal of onboarding quickly and getting your staff professional quickly, decreasing the time to competence to a minimum. Make your workforce feel appreciated, and nurture a sense of belonging while promoting your organization’s values and build a strong company culture by using Recognitions & Rewards. Oversee your employees’ milestones for better team management with the Timeline. Simplify document management and ensure compliance with Documents. The highly customizable Courses feature allows you to bring employee training and courses directly to the field, and add onto that Quizzes to help streamline learning processes and test & enhance your team’s professional knowledge. Lastly, to remain in-line with compliance policies and make sure your staff gets their well-deserved days off, track PTO using Time Off.

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