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Can I Edit the PDF Download of a Form Submission?
Can I Edit the PDF Download of a Form Submission?
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PDF downloads of form entries cannot be edited.

This is because the PDF download is the final form of the form entry that the user has made and as with PDFs in general, it is not editable.

The download will look like this:

In general, form entries can't be edited by users once they are submitted.

However, if there is a submission that needs to be edited for any reason - the admin of the form can edit the user's submission for them from the admin dashboard.

To edit a submission, access the relevant form, and click on "Show entries". A list of the submissions will appear. In order to edit a specific answer, scroll the bar to the right to see the specific answer, click on the answer, and edit it.

💡 Tip: The orange dot on the right of an answer that was edited is an indication of a modification that has been made to this specific answer. When hovering over the orange dot you will be able to see which admin edited the answer and when was it done.

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