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How Can I Edit My Published Form?
How Can I Edit My Published Form?
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Connecteam's Forms have been designed to be simple to use and adjustable at any time to fit the changing needs of the company. All forms can easily be edited even after they have been published.

To edit a published form, please follow these steps:

1) Enter the Forms feature

2) Select the form you would like to edit

3) Click on Options at the top right and choose Edit

4) Edit the form as you wish

6) Click Save at the end to save the changes

Take a look at the process below:

Notice that only admins that have manager permissions to edit forms and form settings will be able to edit published forms

Important! When an admin edits a dropdown field's answers, the previous responses will remain saved. This means that if a dropdown field's answer is changed from "Park Avenue" to "Main Avenue", the answer that was previously submitted will be saved. Therefore, if a user submitted "Park Avenue" as an answer to a dropdown field, that's the response that'll be saved in their submission. If an admin deletes a field from a published form, it'll delete the column from the form entries entirely.

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