You can now limit the number of Form entries, number of entries and set a date limit for any Form.
This management tool reduces your dashboard clutter and allows you to receive the right amount of information. If you have any type of processes or forms in place that last one or a couple of days, this option will come in handy. 

To set it up, open any Form and access options>settings>general. The setting will be valid only for the Form you are working on.

Limit the total number of entries

You can use this option to limit the total number of entries for a single Form. If you want to set up an event such as a training session and you have a limited number of seats, you can use this option. When the limit is reached, users will not be able to submit entries but the Form will still be available in the mobile app.

Limit number of entries per user

You can limit the number of entries each user assigned to the Form can submit. Once the limit is reached, the Form will be removed from the user's app.

Limit Form entries by date

Set up a date limit to submit entries. After that date, users will not be able to submit entries but the Form will still be visible in the mobile app.

All these options can be seen in the example below

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