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How to Schedule a Chat Message
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Connecteam’s chat was designed to help you efficiently communicate with your employees in a way that is easy and instant. If you want to plan your messages ahead, however, you can schedule a message in advance - regardless of whether it's an individual or team chat or a channel.

In this article, we will go over exactly everything related to scheduling a message both on the dashboard and the mobile including:

Let's get started!

How to Schedule a Message

To schedule a message on the dashboard simply enter the chat and write your message, then click on the clock icon. There will be different options depending on whether you are scheduling the message in a Team Chat/Channel or in an Individual Chat. Let's go over these below.

Team Chats/Channels

By default, you will be able to select between 9 a.m. or Next Monday at 9 a.m. or create custom time. Note that 9 a.m. refers to the soonest 9 a.m. For example, if a message is created at 4 p.m. on a Monday and the time selected is 9 a.m. it will be scheduled for 9 a.m. on the following day (Tuesday). If however a message is created at 8 am on Tuesday and the time selected is 9 a.m. it will be sent at 9 am on the same day (Tuesday).

When setting a custom time simply choose the date and time you'd like the message to send and of course, press Send message.

Individual Chats

In individual chats in addition to the options displayed above (At 9 a.m., Next Monday at 9 a.m., and Custom Time) you'll also have the option of 'on next clock in'. With this option, the message will automatically be sent the next time your employee clocks into a shift. This is great for compliance making sure that you are not messaging employees when they are not on the clock.

💡 Tip: Keep in mind that the time you set is according to your time zone, meaning if you are in New York and select a custom time of 12 pm it will be sent at 12 pm EST time regardless of where your employees are located.

On the Mobile App

Like most things in Connecteam scheduling a message can also be done from the mobile app. From the mobile app enter the relevant chat, prepare the message, and click on the scheduled icon. The same options available on the dashboard are available on the mobile For Team Chats: 9 a.m., Next Monday at 9:00 a.m., and a custom time; for Individual Chats: On next clock in, 9 a.m. and Next Monday at 9:00 a.m.

The Scheduled Zone

Once you have scheduled a message you'll be able to view the message and any other scheduled messages for that specific chat in the scheduled zone. Each chat has its own scheduled zone which can be found at the top right-hand corner of the chat conversation.

This is what the scheduled zone looks like on the dashboard:

On the mobile app, the scheduled zone can be accessed at the top of the chat, and like the dashboard, each chat has its own scheduled zone.

Note that the scheduled zone only appears if you have a message that is scheduled. So if you see a chat that does not have the schedule zone it simply means this specific chat currently has no scheduled messages.

How to Tell if a Chat Contains a Scheduled Message

If a chat contains a scheduled message there will be a scheduled symbol next to the chat, take a look at how this looks below:

How Can I Make Changes to a Scheduled Message

Inside the scheduled zone you can also make changes to the scheduled time or delete a scheduled message. Let's go over how to do this below:

  • On the Dashboard - To make changes to the dashboard navigate to the relevant message and click on the three dots next to it. Here there will be three options: send now, reschedule message, and delete message.

  • On the Mobile App - To make changes to a message in the mobile app long press the message. Here you will also see the options: send now, reschedule message, and delete the message.

Let's go over each option below:

Send Now

This option lets you send a scheduled message right now instead of at its scheduled time and is great if your plans change and the information you scheduled needs to be sent immediately.

Reschedule Message

This option allows you to change the date and/or time of the scheduled message. Just choose the new date and/or time and click on 'Send message'.

Note if you begin the process of rescheduling a message and do not finish it (click on 'send message') but the original scheduled time arrives, the messages will be sent.

Edit Message

If you want to edit the contents of the message, simply click on the edit message. Once finished making the relevant changes click on the blue check mark as indicated below. Not that this option is currently only available from the admin dashboard.

Delete Message

If you scheduled a message but no longer need it you can choose to delete the message. Simply click on delete message and then delete again to confirm.

Note if you begin the process of deleting a message and do not finish it (click on 'send message') and the originally scheduled time arrives the messages will be sent.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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