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Time Clock: Qualifying Users to Jobs

For accounts with the Jobs Tab

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In every company, from a small business to a big corporation - every employee has a job they're qualified for. With Connecteam, you can make sure every user is assigned only to the jobs they're qualified for according to their position, location, abilities, and more! In the Time Clock, this will enable users only to clock into jobs that they are supposed to work in.

In this article we will go over:

For admins to be able to make changes to Jobs, they must have admin permissions to the Jobs tab. Learn how to grant admin permissions here.

How to Qualify Users to Jobs

To qualify users for jobs, access the Time Clock and click on the Jobs button:

If you need to create a new job, click 'Add job' and select 'Create new job'. If you need to edit an existing job's qualifications, hover over the relevant job and click on the 'Settings' icon.

Once you're in the job details, choose if to qualify the job to smart groups or select users.

💡 Tip: Not familiar with the Smart Groups capability? Learn more about it here!

When creating a new job, you can also create sub-jobs and qualify those to users by clicking on the ‘Add sub-job’ button! Let’s go over how to do it.

How to Qualify Users to Sub-Jobs

Sub-jobs give you the option to create jobs that are aligned and connected to the parent job. Sub-jobs can be created inside the parent job and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, if you have a job that is a client with multiple locations the sub-jobs can be these locations.

The default option for the sub-job settings would be the same as the parent job, meaning - the users that are qualified to the parent job would also be qualified for the sub-job. You can adjust this setting by unselecting the box that says 'Use same settings as a parent job' and adjust the users/smart groups that are qualified for this sub-job:

Frequently Asked Questions About Qualifying Users to Job

What would happen if a user who's not qualified for a job tried clocking in to this job?

Nothing, the user is not qualified for the job so they won't be able to see it in the jobs list upon clocking in.

A user is qualified for the job but they can't see it in the jobs list upon clocking in?

Even if a user is qualified to a job there could be a variety of reasons why they wouldn’t be able to find their job on the jobs list when clocking in.

For instance, If there's a geo-fence attached to this job, the user must be within the radius of the geo-fence in order for the job to appear in their jobs list.

Another example would be if there’s a limitation in the time clock’s settings that prevents the users from clocking in on specific days and hours. To learn more about all the reasons and scenarios check out this article.

💡 Tip: If your time clock and your job scheduler are synced - every job created in the time clock and its settings and qualifications will auto-populate in the scheduler.

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