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Important Note: Our developers are currently in the process of gradually migrating all accounts to incorporate this new feature.

The all-new Jobs tab takes your job management to the next level, by seamlessly bringing together Jobs from all Time Clocks and Job Schedulers into a single, centralized hub. With the Jobs tab, you’re equipped to effortlessly manage all jobs, clients, projects, and any type of work you’d like to have your users clock into or assign to your users’ shifts, from a single place!

In this article, we will introduce the Jobs tab and explain how to manage your jobs from there.

This article will use clients as examples for jobs. It's important to note that jobs can be anything you need including worksite locations, project names, company positions, and so much more!

How to Access the Jobs Tab

You’ll find the Jobs tab on the admin dashboard sidebar. Here, you will see all jobs listed in your company account and additional information such as sub-jobs, location, which users are qualified, and which time clocks and job schedulers the jobs appear in.

💡 Tip: The Jobs tab will appear in accounts that have 2+ Time Clocks or Job Schedulers.

About Admin Permissions

To be able to make any changes to jobs, in the Jobs tab or in any Time Clock or Job Scheduler, you must have admin permission to the Jobs tab. Admins will not be able to edit jobs in the Time Clock or Job Scheduler if they do not have admin permissions to the Jobs tab.

To grant admin permissions, access the Jobs tab and click on the category admins at the top right of the screen.

If admins are not automatically added to the category, select the admins from the list to give them admin permissions to the tab.

How to Add Jobs

To add a new job, click 'Add job'. Add a description, choose which users are qualified, and select which Time Clocks and Job Schedulers the job is assigned to. Don't forget to click 'Save job' at the end!

💡 Tip: If you want to add jobs but aren't ready to use them yet - create the job but don't assign it to a Time Clock or Job Scheduler. When the time comes, edit the job and assign a Time Clock and/or Job Scheduler.

How to Add Sub-Jobs

When creating a new job, you can also add sub-jobs. Sub-jobs give you the option to create jobs that are aligned and connected to the parent job. They can be used in a variety of ways. For example, if you have a job that is a client with multiple locations - the sub-jobs can be these locations.

The default option for the sub-job settings is the same as the parent job, meaning - users who are qualified for the parent job are also qualified for the sub-job. You can adjust this setting by de-selecting the box that says 'Use same settings as a parent job' and adjust the users/smart groups that are qualified for this sub-job:

About Qualifying Users

With Connecteam, you can make sure every user is assigned only to the jobs they are qualified for according to their position, location, abilities, and more! You can qualify jobs to smart groups or to select users. When a user is qualified for a job, it'll appear as an option for them to clock in for in the Time Clock.

For more information, please refer to our articles about qualifying users in the Time Clock or in the Job Scheduler.

How to Edit Jobs

To edit an existing job, hover over the job and click on 'View job'. Make the relevant changes and click 'Save job'.

💡 Tip: If you choose to un-assign a job from a Time clock or Job Scheduler, it will automatically get un-assigned from the Time Clock or Job Scheduler it is synced with.

How to Delete Jobs

To delete a job, hover over a job and click on the three dots, then click 'Delete'.

To delete jobs in bulk, mark the check boxes next to the job names and click 'Delete'.

How to Import Jobs

If you want to import jobs in bulk, you can do so using our importing process. To get started, click on 'Import' and follow the steps.

For more information on how to import jobs, please refer to our article on How to Import Jobs.

How to Export Jobs

To export your jobs list and details, click on the Export button.

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