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How Can I Check That Time Off Is Accruing Correctly?
How Can I Check That Time Off Is Accruing Correctly?
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You can easily check if your user's Time Off is accruing correctly, under the user's profile!

Access the Users feature and enter the relevant User's profile page. Then, access the Time Off tab. Under the Balance log, choose the specific policy you would like to check by clicking on "All" and clicking on the policy's name. Here you will be able to see all the accrual history since the user was assigned to the policy, with dates, the type of log (in this case we will look for the log called "Accrual"), and the change on the balance.

In this example, I checked the accrual of the 'Time Off' policy for user Dwight Schrute:

The accrual should align with the policy's settings:

Click here to learn how to set up your Time Off policies and determine the different settings.

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