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How to Resend Tokens to a Different Email
How to Resend Tokens to a Different Email

Learn how users can resend gift cards to the correct email address

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After purchasing a gift card with tokens sent by your manager, you should receive the gift card in your email. If you are not receiving the email, it may be because it got sent to the wrong email or it was incorrectly typed in. In this case, you can resend the gift card to a different email. In this article, we'll go over how to resend the Rewards gift card to the correct email address.

Please note: only the user who received the gift card can follow this process to resend the gift card as it requires them to log into their account. Owners and admins cannot perform this action on their behalf.

To resend a gift card:

  1. Login to the Connecteam web app (

    If you are an owner or admin, make sure you are in the user's view.

  2. Click on the Rewards feature on the sidebar.

  3. Go to the history section of the Rewards page.

  4. Click Resend gift card.

  5. Enter a new email address and click Resend gift card.

That's it! Now the gift card will get sent to the right email address.

Note: The gift cards in the image are for illustration purposes only. The available gift cards will depend on your region.

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