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At the moment you can't create templates for tasks, however, what you can do is save a task as a draft, then duplicate it when you are ready and use it. This is a great option if there as tasks you need to assign often, but do different people.

First, you will need to create a task, but instead of publishing it, you should save it as a draft. You can create tasks directly from your dashboard, or by accessing the Quick Tasks feature from the sidebar.

Once you have a task saved as a draft, go to the Quick Tasks feature and locate the draft task you just created, hover with your mouse on the task, click on the arrow that shows up, and select duplicate.

Then you can edit the duplicated task, add assignees, location, subtasks, and more. When you are done editing select publish and that's it, you now have a new task!

You can keep the draft task and keep using it as a template for new tasks.

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