The Quick Tasks feature allows you to manage and oversee your day-to-day one-off tasks, recurring tasks, and projects. If you looking to create tasks for your users? With Connecteam you can create both single and multiple tasks. The single tasks are available on all plans whereas the ability to create multiple tasks is available from the advanced plan and up.

In this article we will review:

To begin creating your tasks follow these simple steps:
1. Click on the Quick Tasks feature on the left sidebar menu

2. Select add task.

Add single task

Adding a single task is easy! To add a single task simply click on:

  1. Add Task

  2. Add single task

We've given you the option to add a title, a description, and a location. You can also set a start date and due dates, create labels to organize your tasks and add sub-tasks. Make sure to assign it to your users and if you're on the advanced plan, you can also create separate tasks for several users.

Add multiple tasks

To add multiple tasks simply click on:

  1. Add Task

  2. Add multiple tasks

Adding multiple tasks is very similar to adding a single task with the addition that you can create several at once and assign them to multiple users. For companies where tasks are at the forefront, the ability to add multiple tasks will save them tons of time!

Pro Tip: In case you have tasks that recur, you can set up recurring tasks. To learn how to set recurring tasks make sure to go over our Quick Tasks - Recurring Tasks article.

Please note: Adding single tasks is available on all plans while adding multiple tasks is available from the advanced plan and up.

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