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Can I Prevent My Employees from Using the Time Off Feature?
Can I Prevent My Employees from Using the Time Off Feature?

Learn how to deactivate the Time Off feature

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The Time Off feature in Connecteam is a great way to easily track your employees' upcoming vacation days and keep account of any paid leave, such as sick days. However, just like many features within Connecteam, you can choose to prevent certain employees from using it or turn it off completely by deactivating it.

Deactivating Time Off may be a good choice if you decide that the feature is not relevant to your business, or if there are certain periods when you would not like any employee to put in a time off request.

To Deactivate Time Off, first access the 'Time Off' asset from your sidebar, then click on 'Options' on the top right of the page. In the dropdown that appears, click 'Deactivate Time Off'

Once you deactivate Time Off, you can reactivate it at any time by clicking the "Let's get started" button when you navigate back to the feature. All of your time off policies and their assignments and settings, as well as all of your users' time off balances and the history of their requests, will be saved.

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