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Can You Add an Excel File to the Connecteam App?
Can You Add an Excel File to the Connecteam App?

How to put a spreadsheet on your Connecteam account

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Having a downloadable spreadsheet available on your company's Connecteam app can allow your team access to critical information on the go, fostering communication and collaboration across departments. You can make an Excel or CSV spreadsheet easily accessible on Connecteam by adding it as a file to a folder on your Knowledge Base.

How to Upload a Spreadsheet Step by Step:

  1. Open up the Knowledge Base you want to use. (If you haven't started using the Knowledge Base feature yet, check out this starting guide.)

  2. Once there, click "Edit" on the top right of the page. From there, choose whether you want to create a new folder for your spreadsheet or upload it to an existing one.

    3. Click the blue "+ Add" button and then choose the option "Add files", then find and select the spreadsheet you would like to upload. Rename the file if you wish, then save your changes!

Your spreadsheet will now be downloadable by your team from their Connecteam app.

Please note: The spreadsheet must be downloaded to be viewed or edited. Spreadsheets cannot be viewed or edited from inside of Connecteam.

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