What is the Courses Feature?

The Courses feature is one of the most flexible features Connecteam has to offer. By adding a variety of sections and objects within those sections the courses you can create a specific process for your employees to go through, This article’s example will be uploading a company policy, but the same principles apply to any other document you wish to upload.

How do I activate the Courses feature?

To activate the courses add it to your left sidebar, and then name the course to how you want your users to see it on their phones. In our example, I named the course “Company Documents.”

Like any other feature, the Courses feature allows you to change the features name on the left sidebar so that your users will see a folder with whichever name you set. To change the features name click on the three dots and select edit. In our example, I renamed the Course feature “Documents”

Step by Step: How to upload your company policy.

After activating the Courses Feature and changing its name it’s time to upload your company policy.

Step 1: Name your section

The first thing you will do when uploading a document to the Courses feature is to name your section. This will make it easier for both you and your users to locate the relevant documents. In our example, I named the section “Company Policies.”

Step 2: Add an object

After you have named the section you will add an object. Here is where you will actually upload your company policy

When adding objects, Connecteam’s Courses feature gives you many options to choose from. When uploading your company policy there are a few objects that you could use. These include a PDF, a file, a link, or text with a link embedded in it.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how we can upload a company policy.

Example 1: A File

The simplest way to add your company policy is by uploading a file.

Example 2: PDF

Your company policy is in a PDF format? No problem! We have an option to upload a PDF as well.

Example 3: Link

If your company policy is posted on your website there is no need to rewrite it or to find it in a file form. The Courses feature allows you to add an object with a link directly to your website.

Example 4: Text with an embedded link

Say that you wanted to write something to your employees before they go over the company policy, well using a text object and inserting a link allows you to do just that. In the example below I wrote a welcome message to my team and added a link to our company policy, but the same principles apply to anything you want to write to your users.

Pro tip: Do you want to know that your employees actually read the company policy? In each and every object you have the capability to add a confirmation button that users need to click when completing an object. To set this up just scroll down inside the object and make sure the confirmation button is checked.

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