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​How Do I Upload My Company Policy?
​How Do I Upload My Company Policy?

Four ways to use the Knowledge Base and make sure your company policies are found all in one place!

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Uploading the company policy to a company’s database and making it accessible for employees to view holds immense significance for employees and for the business. It ensures that all employees are well-informed and aware of the guidelines, rules, and expectations set forth by the organization. By having policies readily available, employees can easily refer to it whenever they have questions or clarification on various matters, such as code of conduct, safety protocols, or data privacy practices.

Connecteam’s Knowledge Base provides a centralized platform where employees can conveniently access and familiarize themselves with the company policy at any time. This fosters a culture of transparency and compliance, and promotes a unified understanding of the organization’s expectations, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and harmonious work environment.

In this article, we’ll review how to upload your company policy to the Knowledge Base and how to make sure your employees have read it.

How to Upload Your Company Policy

  1. Access the Knowledge Base feature on the admin dashboard.

  2. Click Add New

  3. Click Start from scratch and type in a name for your Knowledge Base

  4. Add a folder, and start adding your content

You have the option of adding text, links, files, and more folders. In the Add text option, you can insert plain text and include hyperlinks, images, and tables. In the Add link option, you can add an external link. Add files allows you to add any type of file (PDF, videos, images, etc.) in the folder.

Screenshot of Knowledge Base feature on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Pro Tip: Like any other feature, the Knowledge Base feature allows you to change the feature's name on the left sidebar. To change the name, hover over the feature name on the sidebar, click on the three dots, and select Edit. Learn more about how to customize your dashboard here.

Add a File

The simplest way to add your company policy is by uploading a file (for example a PDF, Word, jpeg, etc). Once a file is uploaded, you can view a mobile preview on the right side of your screen.

Screenshot of PDF in Connecteam's Knowledge Base feature

Add a Link

If your company policy is posted on your website there is no need to rewrite it or to find it in a file form. In the Knowledge Base, you can add a link directly to your website.

Screenshot of link in Connecteam's Knowledge Base feature

Add Text

You can copy and paste your company policy right into the Knowledge Base as well! Like in any standard document, you can bold, italicize, underline, and highlight the text. You can also change the spacing and add bullet points and numbers.

Screenshot of text in Connecteam's Knowledge Base feature

Add Text with an Embedded Link

Say that you wanted to write something to your employees before they go over the company policy, which you need to link to. Writing text and inserting a link allows you to do just that. In the example below I wrote a welcome message to my team and added a link to our company policy, but the same principles apply to anything you want to write to your users.

Screenshot of text with embedded link in Connecteam's Knowledge Base feature

How Can I Make Sure My Employees Have Read the Company Policy?

The Quick Tasks feature allows you to create tasks with ease and have full transparency in seeing your team's execution. Using this feature, you can set up a task for your employees to read the company policy which they actively need to confirm. Besides serving as an active reminder, it helps prevent any misunderstandings or misinformation later down the road.

To ensure your employees have read the company policy, create a task on the admin dashboard or mobile app, and assign it to the relevant users. You can also add a Shortcut in the task description that will lead the employee straight to the document. This way, there's no way they can miss it!

Screenshot of Quick Tasks in Connecteam's mobile app

You can track the status of each task from the Quick Tasks feature on the admin dashboard. Send a reminder to employees who haven't completed the task to ensure they don't miss it!

Screenshot of Quick Tasks on Connecteam's admin dashboard

For more information about Quick Tasks, check out our article Quick Tasks: Getting Started.

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