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What is a feature? How to activate Connecteam's features?
What is a feature? How to activate Connecteam's features?

Learn about Connecteam's features and how to activate them

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Here at Connecteam, our product means everything to us. We developed amazing features and capabilities for you and your company, to provide you with the best tools for your day-to-day work.

In this article we will go over:

What are features and where to find them?

A feature is a capability that Connecteam provides you. You can find the available features on the sidebar, which appears on the left-hand side of your dashboard. They are shareable with your employees. You do not have to share all assets with all your users. You can choose to assign them to either single or multiple smart groups, employees, or to the entire company. The features are grouped into Connecteam's three Hubs - The Operations Hub, The Communication Hub, and The HR & Skills Hub.

Pro Tip: To learn more about How to Edit assignments: Connecteam Features, click here.

How to add a new feature and how to activate it on your dashboard

To add a new feature, go to the left sidebar, and under the relevant group, click on "Add new feature". After adding the new feature, activate the feature by clicking on "Activate Feature", in this screen you'll get an overview of the feature and its capabilities

How to customize the features display

Change the order of the features display by hovering over the feature icon, a group of dots will appear, drag and pull to the order you wish. Click on the 3 dots if you wish to delete or edit the forms icon. You can change the features name, and icon and even change the color of the mobile feed preview for that feature.

The available features on Connecteam

Under the Operations hub:

Under the Communications Hub:

Under the HR & Skills:

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