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Collect valuable shift information from your team (3-min read)

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Shift attachments are information pieces that users are asked to add to their shift time. These could be the equipment that was used, mileage covered, who was the manager on the worksite, and more. In this article, we'll go over how to set up shift attachments, how it appears for the user, and how you can view the information afterwards on their timesheets.

How to set up shift attachments on the admin dashboard

To create a shift attachment, open your admin dashboard and navigate to the Time Clock settings and find the Shift attachments tab on the left-hand side. Click + Add attachment to create a new shift attachment, and fill in the relevant information. Don't forget to click on Save Changes to save the shift attachments!

GIF of adding new shift attachment in the Time Clock on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Watch the process from start to finish:

The following types of shifts attachments can be created:

  • Dropdown list

  • Text box

  • Number

  • Image attachment

  • File attachment

  • Signature

Every field can be marked as required, such that users must complete them before clocking out.

Pro tip: Users will always have the option to add a note to their shift while they are clocked in, regardless if you choose to add a text box shift attachment.

How shift attachments appear on the mobile app

On the mobile app, users can complete shift attachments after clocking in. The shift attachments will be available to complete for all employees assigned to the Time Clock.

GIF of shift attachments in the Time Clock on Connecteam's mobile app

Pro tip: To copy information from a previous job performed earlier that day, or to clear all inputted information, click on the three dots and select 'Copy from previous job' or 'Clear All'.

Screenshots of three dots options in the Time Clock shift attachments feature on Connecteam's mobile app

How shift attachments appear on the timesheets

When accessing an employee's timesheet on the admin dashboard, shift attachments appear as additional columns. Choose which shift attachments to view by selecting them from the drop-down table menu inside the timesheet.

Screenshot of shift attachments on user's timesheets in the Time Clock feature on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Common use-cases

  • Record employees' mileage on their shifts

  • Record the equipment that was used on the shift

  • Employees can mention the specific part of the project they worked on their shift (e.g. - The job they clocked in to is "Work-Site 1" and the work done was "Concrete Placement")

  • Have your employees add their signatures to the shift for compliance

  • Employees can add the name of the supervisor on-site and ask them to add their signature to confirm

*Adding up to 2 shift attachments is available on the Advanced Plan and unlimited in the Expert Plan*

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