How to Track Employee's Mileage?

Mileage Tracking with Connecteam

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Although it's not currently possible to automatically record an employee´s mileage when they clock in, you can utilize a shift attachment. These attachments will enable you to collect any extra information from your employees as they clock out (a signature, a document, an image, etc). By setting it as required, you can make sure that your employees manually input the mileage they did for the day before ending their shift.

Before learning how to set this up, recording employee mileage is on our roadmap so feel free to add your vote to this feature request to push it forward!

Now, let's learn how to implement our current solution with the following steps:

  1. Go into the Time Clock » and click on Access Clock

  2. Click on Settings » and select the Shift Attachments tab

  3. Click on "+ Add attachment"

  4. Fill out the details of the attachment:

    1. Choose a name

    2. Customize the icon if you wish

    3. For the Attachment type, choose the number option

  5. Remember to mark it as Required

  6. Click on Done and then on Save Changes.

How Users Will Send Their Mileage

Once they clock into their shift, they'll see the Shift Attachment you've prepared for them. When they are ready to finish their shift, they can simply input their mileage and clock out

If they try to clock out without filling it out, they won't be able to and the field will be highlighted in red.

How Admins Will View Employee Mileage

  1. Once you are in the Time Clock

  2. Click on each user's specific timesheet

  3. Hover over to the far right until you find the section 'Shift Attachments'

  4. See the column 'Record your Mileage' that you previously created

How to Export Employee Millage

If you want to get a report, related to the r mileage (or any shift attachment you have set up) you can do that by using the Time Clock Export options: Timesheets, Timesheets PDF, Shift Report, and Shift Report PDF.

In the example below, we demonstrate the process of exporting the Shift Report option. To export your mileage, simply click on the Export button in the top right corner, choose Shift Report, and ensure you include the desired shift attachment. Then, click on Export.

This is what the export from this example of the Shift Report will look like:

You can follow the exact same process for any of the other export options mentioned above.

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