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When Should I Use Tags and Not User Details Fields to Create Groups?
When Should I Use Tags and Not User Details Fields to Create Groups?

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Tags are useful to identify a part of your workforce with unique information that does not apply to all other users. For instance, a tag could be a specific group of people working on a temporary project. User detail fields on the other hand are relevant to all employees, such as a role, branch, or employment start date.

You should use a tag to create a group if the group is temporary, for example, all my employees working on project A. You should use a filter when creating a permanent group, such as a group of employees in the New York Branch.

To create a group from tags, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the user's tab and check off all the relevant users who need to be assigned the tag. Click on the actions tab and select tag users. Select from one of your existing tags or create a new one.

  2. Now head to the Smart Groups tab and click on Add group under the relevant segment. Name the group, press next, and set the filter. Here you will set the filter to Tags is and choose the relevant tag. In our case, I will choose Tag is Project A. Finally, press confirm.

To learn more about tags click here to learn more about custom fields click here.

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