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Automatically Create Smart Groups

Save time and energy by automating smart group creation

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Smart Groups are a great tool to organize and structure your company and easily distribute the relevant content to the relevant people, which is key when running a business. However, Smart Groups can be time-consuming to create, especially when dealing with user fields with multiple options. To save time, you can automatically create smart groups based on dropdown user profile fields.

Automatically creating smart groups will allow you to keep your teams organized by department, location skillset, or any other relevant dropdown criteria. It means that whenever you have a new dropdown field added, the smart group and the included users will automatically get adjusted, so your groups will always remain up-to-date!

In this article, we'll go over:

Enabling smart group auto-creation

To enable the ability to automatically create smart groups:

  1. Go to the Users tab and click on Manage user details.

  2. Add a new dropdown user profile field or navigate to an existing dropdown field.

  3. Click on Settings.

  4. Toggle on 'Auto create Smart Groups'.

Now, each new dropdown option will lead to a new smart group getting created and will automatically populate with users marked with the option. Users will leave or join groups based on the selection, which will keep the smart group up to date.

Important Note: Changing this setting requires admin permissions to 'Manage user details'. Learn how to set admin permissions in the Users tab here.

In the example below, I have created a new dropdown user profile field for location allocation. For each new location created (Main Street, Park Avenue, Boulevard Lane), a new smart group is created. Any users put in that branch will appear in that smart group.

In the Smart Groups tab, automatically created smart groups are identified with the 'A' symbol. Segments are created according to the user profile field name (for example, Branch or Position). They cannot be edited or deleted on the Smart Groups tab, only from the User Details page.

Editing smart groups and segments

To make any changes to automatically created segments or smart groups, head over to the User Details section in the Users tab. Here, you can make any changes to the name, add or remove dropdown options, or delete the field entirely.

To edit segment names or smart group names:

  1. Go to the Users tab and click on Manage user details.

  2. Hover over the user field and click on the Pencil icon.

  3. Change the name of the segment (ex: Position) or of the dropdown options (Assistant Manager, Cashier, Stock Clerk, etc.). The dropdown options will change the smart group name.

To add or remove dropdown options:

  1. Hover over the dropdown field and click on the Pencil icon.

  2. Click Add option to add new dropdown options (which will create new smart groups) or click on the X to delete an option. Keep in mind that if you delete a dropdown option, the smart group will still exist.

To delete a dropdown field, hover over the dropdown field and click on the trash can icon.

If the field only has automatically created smart groups using the field as its filter, it will delete all smart groups and the segment. If the field has both automatically created groups and manually created groups, you will receive a pop-up letting you know which groups are getting filtered by this field. Then, you will need to delete those groups first in order to be able to delete the field.

Disabling smart group auto-creation

If you'd like to manually manage your smart groups, you can disable the auto-creation. To disable the ability to automatically create smart groups:

  1. Go to the Users tab and click on Manage user details.

  2. Navigate to an existing dropdown field.

  3. Click on Settings.

  4. Toggle off 'Auto create Smart Groups'.

When you toggle this off, you’ll receive a pop-up asking to delete the groups that were automatically created or keep them. If you decide to delete them, this will delete all smart groups that were auto-created. If you decide to keep them, it’ll convert them to regular groups. This will allow you to edit the smart groups from the smart groups tab.

💡 Tip: If you switch the toggle on, off, and back on again - all groups that were not touched when the toggle was off will turn back into automatic groups. If a group was edited in the time that the feature was off, that group will remain as is (not automatic) and a new group will be created for that item.

*Creating smart groups is available from the Advanced Plan in any hub.*

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