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Owner vs Admin

Quick tips to help you differentiate between owners and admins

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With Connecteam, you have the ability to set admin permissions which help you define who has access to what within your organization, helping you facilitate your day-to-day management. Admin permissions offer flexibility for owners to manage their admins how they see fit. You may be wondering though, what's the difference between an owner and an admin in Connecteam?

In this article we'll answer that question and much more:

What's the Difference Between Owners and Admins?

In Connecteam, an owner is assigned to all features automatically while an admin needs to be manually assigned to features, assets, and groups. Now that we've put it out there, let's break it down.

Owner - This is the highest level of permissions. By default, the account creator is an owner. Owners are automatically assigned to all features, assets, capabilities, and groups across the platform.

Owners are displayed with a crown in their user profile:

Admin - Unlike owners, admins do not have access to anything automatically. What features they have access to, or users they see, is all determined by the permissions granted by existing admins or owners.

Admins are displayed with a star in their user profile:

In the following example, you'll see that the owner in the first image has access to the Users and Smart Groups tabs while in the second image the admin has restricted access to the same tabs. He won't see those tabs appear on his admin dashboard at all.

💡 Tip: Admin permissions are extremely customizable! You can pinpoint exactly what you need your admins to be able to see and do on the platform per feature and per asset. Learn more about how to customize admin permissions in our article on Manager Permissions.

Which Actions Are Limited to Owners Only?


  • Add new sections

General Settings

  • Change the company logo and colors

  • Edit admin permission settings

  • Enable the mobile app welcome screen

  • Grant admins the option to change billing details

  • Add and edit custom publishers

  • Enable pay rates

  • Enable security settings


  • Enable/disable admin tab permissions

  • Remove other owners


  • Edit the Chat feature's settings and sharing permissions


  • Activate the feature

Time Clock & Job Scheduler

  • Sync a Time Clock and Job Scheduler

Frequently Asked Questions

The account owner left the company and I need to be made into an owner. What can I do?

First of all, the legal owner of a Connecteam account is the cardholder of the primary credit card. If needed, the card and its info can easily be changed from the Billing tab. Current owners can promote admins by following the steps in our article How to Change an Admin into an Owner. Once promoted to an owner, you can remove the previous account owner.

Can an owner delete another owner or the account owner?

Yes, every owner can access all users and content. Therefore, they can delete other owners, admins, and even the account owner.

To archive or delete an owner, go to the Users tab located on your sidebar. Navigate to the owner's information, hover over their line, and click on the Archive or Delete icon on the right.

For more information, check out our article on Archiving and Deleting Users.

Can there be more than one owner on the platform?

For sure! You can add as many owners as you need.

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