Archiving and Deleting Admins

How to archive or delete admins

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An Admin left the company and you would like to revoke their access to the app? This article will guide you on the steps to delete or archive a user with owner or admin permissions.

In this article, we will go over:

What are the Differences Between Archiving and Deleting Admins?

Once an admin is no longer a part of your organization, as a manager, you have two options:

  • Delete the admin

  • Archive the admin?

While both options "kick" the admin out of the platform with no option to re-enter the app, there are some major differences between the two:

  • While deleting an admin deletes all records and actions performed in the app, archiving saves these records for admins to re-enter for review at any time they wish.

  • Once you delete an admin there is no possibility to restore them or their data. If you wish to add this admin/owner again you must add them from scratch. On the contrary, once you archive an admin/owner, an existing admin can always restore them without the need to re-invite them to the app.

How Do I Archive or Delete an Admin?

In order to archive or delete an admin

  1. Go to the "Users" tab located on your left sidebar.

  2. Once there, click on either the Users or Admins tabs located at the top of the page

  3. Hover over the relvent admin and use the "square" icon to archive them or the "trash" icon to delete them.

From the Users Tab

From the Admins Tab

Note that no owner or admin is able to archive or delete themselves. If an admin/owner tries to archive or delete themselves they will receive a message stating 'You can not archive yourself' or 'You can not delete yourself'. Take a look at how this looks below.

How Do I Restore an Archived Admin?

1. Enter the archive tab located on the top right of your screen.

2. Once there, hover your mouse over the relevant user and a square "restore" icon will appear.

3. Press it in order to restore your user.

What Happens When I Restore an Archived Admin?

A seasonal business might need to archive and unarchive managers from time to time, or a manager may have left for maternity leave and now needs to get back to the platform. When archiving an existing user, you have the ability to restore them at any time and keep their data within the system.

When you archive an admin, they will have no access to the platform whatsoever. Once you restore the user from the archived tab, the user will be able to access the app and there is no need to send them the invite link. If the user has the app on their phone, they simply need to log in with their mobile number and the one-time code they will receive as an SMS, or if they deleted the app, they simply need to download the Connecteam App from the app store and log in.

When you restore an archived admin, they won't automatically have admin permissions returned. You will need to promote the admin again and grant them the relevant permissions.

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Please note: archiving admins is available from any advanced plan and above.

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