How to Demote An Admin/Owner
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If you have a current owner or admin that needs to be demoted to a regular user then this article will guide you on the steps on how to revoke their admin/owner permissions.

Admin and owners can be demoted from either the Users Tab or the Admin Tab. Simply navigate to 'Users' on the left sidebar and enter either the Users or Admin Tab. Hover over the relvent admin to the right and select demote.

Take a look at how this looks below:

Note that demoting an admin/owner will not remove them from the platform. It will only remove their current access to the admin dashboard and the admin tab on the mobile app. Demoted admins will continue to have access to the app as regular users. If you would like to completely remove an admin/owner from the app follow these instructions on how to archive and delete admins and owners.

💡Tip: Admin or Owners can take action to demote themselves. If an admin tries to demote themselves they will receive a message stating that they can not demote themselves. Take a look at how this looks below:

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