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Where Can I Find My Billing Information?

Check your account status, change your billing details, and download invoices

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Your billing information is all stored and managed from your Settings' Billing Tab. In this article, we'll review how to change your plan, change billing information, and how to view and download invoices.

To check your account status, click on your Settings at the top right corner of your screen, and navigate to the Billing tab.

In this tab, you will see which hubs and plans you are currently on. You can also see the total number of seats in your plan, and charge information such as the card you currently have on file, the status of your last charge, and the date of your next charge.

💡 Tip: By default, all owners and admins have access to the Billing tab. Contact Connecteam Support to request to restrict access to the Billing tab exclusively to owners.

Change my plan

To change your plan, click on Change plan on paid hubs or Upgrade now on Limited hubs. This will bring you to a screen where you can choose to change only one hub or adjust them all. Learn more about pricing and plans.

Change the seat count

To add or remove paid seats from the account, click on Add seats or Remove seats. Learn more about seat pricing.

Change the credit card on file

To change the credit card on file, go to the 'Charge info' section and click on Change card. The new credit card will not get charged unless the account has an outstanding charge.

Change my billing address

To change the billing address of the account, click on Edit billing address. This will open a window in which you can see your current billing address, and you can update it to a new billing address.

Check my renewal date

To check your next renewal date, go to the 'Charge info' section. Your renewal date will be under the next charge date.

View and download my invoices

In the Billing tab, click on the Invoices section. You'll see here the date of the transaction, type of invoice, plan associated with the invoice, amount of the transaction, and status of the transaction. Click on the invoice icon to view and download the invoice.

Remember to save any changes by clicking 'Save changes' before closing the tab.

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