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How to Change Ownership of Your Connecteam Account
How to Change Ownership of Your Connecteam Account

What to do when the owner of your Connecteam account needs to be changed

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In the instance where an owner leaves the company and suddenly needs to transfer their status to a different staff member, we want to make sure this transition occurs smoothly and seamlessly. In this article, we will discuss how to change ownership of your Connecteam account, and what information you need to provide in the case where you turn to our Support team.

We first want to make these points clear:

  • While a company may have several employees with 'Owner' status, the legal owner in Connecteam is the cardholder of the primary credit card on file.

  • Owner status grants the user full access to all capabilities within the platform, including access to the billing tab and to many features' core settings.

Situation #1: There is One Owner of the Account and They Need to Be Replaced with a New Owner

  1. From their account, the owner needs to promote a user to admin status.

  2. Change the admin's status to Owner.

  3. Now the second owner can remove the original owner. They can revoke their permissions and archive/delete the user.

  4. Change the card information from the Billing tab on the admin dashboard.

Situation #2: The Owner Has Left the Company

  1. Prepare a formal confirmation letter from your company's email, stating the new owner of the company/account.

    What should the confirmation letter entail? The statement must be sent in PDF format on company letterhead (Not Microsoft Word or plain text in an email) and should be signed by the current owner if relevant.

  2. Reach out to the Support team on the chat (bottom right corner of your screen). They will assist you with the process of changing owners.

  3. Change the credit card currently associated with the account. Our Support team can send you a request to change the payment method or it can be done from the Billing tab.

How to Change the Credit Card Details

1. Click on your name at the top right corner of your screen. Click on Settings and go to the Billing tab.

2. Under the Charge info, you'll be able to switch your CC attached to the account. Simply click Change card to change the credit card on file.

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