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Do Archived or Deleted Users Count Toward My Paid Seats?
Do Archived or Deleted Users Count Toward My Paid Seats?
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Yes, if you have additional paid seats and decide to archive or delete users, you will continue to be billed for those seats until you manually remove them from your account. The paid seat count does not automatically adjust based on the number of active users. In essence, seats are not linked to individual employee names but represent the available spaces for users when they're added to Connecteam.

Check out this example:

My business currently has 35 employees. Our subscription initially provided 30 base seats, and to accommodate all 35 users, we're paying for an additional 5 extra seats. Recently, 5 employees left the company and they have been archived. Now, I have the flexibility to decide whether to maintain these additional seats for potential new hires or to adjust and remove the 5 extra seats since they are not currently needed.

How to Remove Seats

If you'd like to remove extra seats you have purchased, first check if the number of active users is equivalent to the number of seats you have available on your plan. If you have too many paid seats in comparison to the number of active users, for example, 80 seats (out of which 50 are paid seats) for 40 active users, this would be a good reason to remove some unnecessary seats.

To remove extra seats you have purchased, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access your Settings by clicking your name avatar at the top right corner of your dashboard.

  2. Click on the Billing tab.

  3. Under 'Number of seats in your plan', click on 'Remove seats'

  4. In the window that pops up, choose the number of seats you wish to remove and confirm. The window will indicate how many unused seats you have at the moment as well, which will help you understand how many you can remove.

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