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Troubleshooting Smart Groups: I'm Having Difficulty Adding a User to a Smart Group
Troubleshooting Smart Groups: I'm Having Difficulty Adding a User to a Smart Group

Smart Group Troubleshooting Tips

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Your trying to add an employee to an existing smart group but for one reason or the next, it doesn't seem to be working. You are sure you followed all the correct steps, but it didn't work. Before reaching out to Connecteam's amazing live support team - you should take a look at this guide and see if some of these troubleshooting situations apply to you!

Situation 1: You set the Users Profile Field but the employee wasn't added to the group.

The first step to figuring this out would be to enter the relevant smart group and have a look at the filter. In our case, the filter of our smart group is Position is Waiter.

Then head to your Users Tab, go to the user you wanted to add, and check to see that their profile field to Position is Waiter. In this case, I can see that my user profile is set to Position is water and not Waiter. Since I made a typo the person was not added to the smart group.

Pro tip: For this reason, we recommend using Drop Down User Profile Fields which let you set predetermined options. This avoids human error which might occur from time to time.

Situation 2: In the Users Profile the relevant option does not appear from the drop-down list.

In the example below you can see that Im trying to assign the drop-down option California to my employee but the option doesn't appear under the Branch option, despite having a smart group filtered by the criteria Branch is California. If you are trying to set a user profile field but don't see the relevant option in the drop-down list, it is likely that one of your Admins/Owners accidentally deleted the option from the User Details menu.

Ultimately we will recreate the drop-down option, but it's a bit tricky so be sure to follow the direction below:

Step 1: Find Out Which Employees are Already in the Smart Group and Write Them Down

Enter the relevant smart group, scroll down to see which employees are in this group, and make a note to yourself. The reason to do this is that despite the group existing now and the current employees being assigned to the drop-down option once move on to the next step and recreate the drop-down option it will be considered a "new option" and the currently assigned users will become unassigned.

In the example below you can see I headed to my California Smart Group. I will now make a note to myself that Ben, Carlee, and Bryan are in the group.

Step 2: Head to the User Details Tab, and find the Relevant User Profile Field, Click the Pencil Icon. Now Add the Option, and Enter the Missing Option.

In the example below you can see that I went to the field branch and recreated the drop-down option California.

Pro Tip: If you were to stop here and head back to your smart group now - you would see that the users are still in the group, but the group is no longer filtered by anything. Interesting right? This is because the old field of California doesn't exist anymore. If I were to reset the filter right now to the field California we just created a few minutes ago - the current employees in teh group would be removed as they do not match the new (current) field. This is the reason that the previous step was to write your employees down!

Step 3: Is to set the user profile fields for all the employees who should be in the smart group.

You can do this in the users details tab, or under the employee's user profile. In our case, I set the user profile branch as California for Ben, Carlee, Bryan, and Jenny - who I was trying to add to this group.

Step 4: Go back to the relevant smart group and edit the filter to be the new field.

At this point, the final step is to go back to the smart group, which you should see as mentioned above has no filter applied. You will edit the filter to be the new field you just created. In our case - The Branch is California, and publish the group. You should see that all the relevant employees were added to the group.

The lesson to be learned here is that after creating user profile fields and drop-down options you shouldn't delete them, and if you do then while it can be fixed it can be quite challenging. You can control who is able to edit user details by setting admin permission on your users tab and we highly recommend doing this.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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