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How to do dedicated follow up notifcations

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One of the advantages of using Connecteam is the measurability of all activities and the ability to have a very targeted way of communication. Among other things, this means you will know who read your updates/ completed your forms and who didn't, and that you'll be able to send follow up push notifications in a very targeted manner,

Popular examples may include an important update you sent but that is not yet read by the entire team, and you wish to send a follow up push notification just to the team members that are yet to read your update.

Or if you published a 'read and sign' type of Form and not all team members submitted it just yet, and you wish to send them a reminder via push notification.

In either case, you will navigate to the specific asset ( the update / the Form / the course), and in the asset page you would want to scroll down to the users table. The table will show you the updated statistics and progress so far, as seen in the example below:

Now if you wish to send a push notification to specific users based on their status, you can follow this steps:

  1. Tap the filter button to filter by status of 'Didn't submit'.

  2. Select all filtered users (make sure to select all users and not just the users in the first page).

  3. Click the 'Actions' button that pops up and select notify

  4. Customize your push notification and send it away.

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