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Can Employees Get Notified When They Don't Clock Into a Shift
Can Employees Get Notified When They Don't Clock Into a Shift
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Although it's not possible to send an automatic notification to a user who hasn´t yet clocked into their scheduled shift, users can make sure to set up their personal job scheduler notifications from their mobile app. This way, they'll receive alerts before their shifts to ensure they clock in on time. You the admin can also be notified if employees are not clocked in making sure managers are aware their employee is not at the shift.

Before learning how users can do this, notifying users who have forgotten to clock in is on our roadmap add your vote to this feature request to push it forward!

Now, let's learn how to implement our solution with the following steps:

  1. Employees should go into their mobile app » Assets tab

  2. Click on the Job Scheduler

  3. Press on the specific scheduler you wish to set reminders for

  4. Once this is done, press Job Scheduling » then select the specific scheduler you wish to set notifications for

  5. Adjust the settings:

    1. Make sure the main option 'Job scheduler notifications' is enabled

    2. The option 'Before shift starts' is the one that will remind you when you have a shift, choose the time in advance that suits you best

    3. Adjust the other reminders as you see fit

Please note: Users need to ensure their phone notifications for the Connecteam app are enabled for the clock-in reminders to work.

How Admins Can be Notified if a User Didn't Clock Into a Scheduled Shift

  1. Once you are in the Job Scheduler Lobby » click on the specific scheduler you wish to be reminded for

  2. Go to the Settings » then the Notifications tab

  3. Scroll down until you find the option 'A user didn't clock into a shift that started X minutes ago' » select the number of minutes you find suitable for you » and enable the toggle for the notification

  4. Click on Save Changes

This is what the notification looks like for admins:

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