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Downloading & deleting multiple Form entries in a single click

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Instead of going through each employee's form individually to download, export, or even delete, with the Bulk Action capability in our Forms feature you will be able to get this done with just a few clicks.

With bulk actions, you can now easily download Form entries as multiple PDF's or as one single PDF, download just the Form related attachments, or delete multiple Form entries.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the Forms Feature

    Enter the Forms category and select the relevant asset from the list.

2. Show Entries

Tap on Show entries located on the Form page.

3. Bulk Selection

Once you enter the Form Entries page, select the desired Form entries by marking the circles to the left of the entry number.

4. Actions Button

A blue Actions button will appear, with 3 options to choose from:

  • To delete all selected Form entries - select Delete.

  • To download all selected entries as multiple PDF's - select Download as multiple PDF's. If you have selected more than one Form, this will email the entries to your email.

  • To download all entries in a unified PDF File - select Download as single PDF.

  • To download only the Form attachments (images, scanned items or attached files) - select Download all attachments. This too will download all attachments under a single folder.

5. Additional tips

  • You can download up to 100 Form entries each time.

  • For downloads of more than one PDF entry, a download link will be sent to your email as it may take a few mins to prepare the file for download:

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*Bulk actions are available from the Advanced plan*

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