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How Can Form Entries be Exported From a Course?
How Can Form Entries be Exported From a Course?

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Once your users fill out a form within a course, their entries can be easily exported as a PDF or Excel file!

Start by entering the Courses feature from the sidebar, and enter the relevant course.

Next, locate the form within the course and click on the blue ‘Show entries’ tab.

At this stage, you can decide to export the form entries as PDF or Excel files.

Export Entry as PDF

To download an entry as a PDF, there are two options. You can either open the entry and click on ‘Download’, or hover over the entry, click on the downward arrow, and select ‘Download Entry’. Take a look at both options below!

You can also select all entries in bulk to download them as PDF files. To select the entries in bulk, click on the empty circle above the entries and click on the blue ‘Actions’ tab. From there, you will be able to select the relevant download option.

Export Entry as Excel

To export all entries as an Excel file, simply click on the ‘Export’ tab at the top right.

*Bulk actions are available from the Advanced Operations plan*

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