Perform Bulk Actions in the Timesheets Tab

Save time by executing multiple actions on your timesheets using one click.

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Here at Connecteam, we know that tracking and reviewing employees' hours is crucial for payroll and audit purposes. We also know that changes in the timesheets happen all the time and that manually adding shift records or absences for multiple employees can be time-consuming. For that reason, we have created an easy-to-use bulk action capability directly inside the timesheets, that lets you add multiple shifts, absences, tasks, and even chat. Now, let’s review all the multi-select options.

To begin, follow these steps to get to the multi-select option:

  1. Navigate to the Time Clock Timesheets.

  2. In the user's list, check the box right to each user you would like to perform an action with or select the left upper check box to pick the first page of users.

  3. Click the blue Actions button that pops up and select the action you wish to execute.

GIF of selecting users and blue actions button appearing in Connecteam's Time Clock feature on the admin dashboard

Pro tip: You can easily select all the users in the entire time clock by using the select all option in the blue banner. Another option is using the timesheets filters to select employees by a specific condition and check the employees who follow this criterion.

Screenshot of filter button in the Time Clock on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Now, let's go over the options inside the Actions button menu.

These are as follows:

Screenshot of Actions button in Connecteam

Add a Shift

At Connecteam we understand that things are spontaneous and change quickly. The add shift option allows you to add a shift if several users forget to clock in and out at the same time, or if spontaneously a shift or a project that was not scheduled is added.

Export as PDF

This option gives you a flexible ability to export multiple selected employees' timesheets in one PDF file. You can read more about the timesheets in PDF here.

Export multiple PDFs

Same as the above option, but here you will receive the exported PDFs in one zip folder with separated users' PDF reports.

Send a chat message

This is a great tool, making it easy for you to communicate with your team. This can be used if you need to provide information to users according to their timesheet. For example, if you wish to send all users who haven't clocked in today the same private chat message to understand their status.

Create team chat

This option also makes it easy to communicate with your team all from one place. For example, if you want to have a team chat with all the users who clocked in today to send a collective message in a dedicated group

Create task

A very nice option is to create a task for selected or all users within the timesheets. For example, you can give a task to go over the user's timesheet before payroll day.

In conclusion, the bulk actions option can help you save time by performing multiple actions on your timesheets with a single click. In order to get the most transparent data and reports without a flaw or to better communicate and manage with your team.

* Keep in mind that these capabilities are from the Operation Hub Advanced plan. *

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