The ability to delegate tasks in an organization drove us to create the Task Management feature. A simple and intuitive feature that will allow you to assign tasks to specific users at any time from anywhere.

In this article, we will go over how to:

  1. Activate Task Management in your account.

  2. Set your permissions (Important)

  3. Create a new task via Dashboard and Mobile.

  4. Complete a new task via Dashboard and Mobile.

Let's get started.

Activate Task Management:

From anywhere in your dashboard:

  1. Click the "Add New" icon in the bottom left corner.

  2. Select "Task Management"

activate task management

If the Task management feature is appearing in your sidebar menu already, follow these steps:

  1. In the category sidebar click “Task Management”

  2. Click the activate task management.

Congrats, your Connecteam Task Management has been activated and you have arrived at your Task Management Lobby :

Set your permissions:

As soon as you activate the Task management, all your employees will be notified. Therefore it is crucial that your next step is setting the permissions of who can create a task in the mobile app.

Here is how:

  1. Go to “Options” and then “Settings”

  2. Set your permissions by choosing 1 of 3 options:

    - Only Admins can create tasks.
    - Allow all admins + specific users to create a task.
    - Allow all admins and users to create a task unless specified.

Create a new task:

Now that we have activated the Task Management, let's create our first task.

From the Web Dashboard, go to Task management category:

Click on the “+ Add Task” icon, located on the right side of the screen, and choose “Add single task”.

From the mobile app go to Task management category:

Click the “Create task” icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Give the task a title and assign it to a user.
All tasks must have a title and an assignee.

Tip: the more information and detail you provide your user with, the clearer it will be for him to complete the task, and the easier it will be for you, the creator, to oversee execution.

  1. Click "Save Task"

Complete a task:

After assigning a task to an assignee comes the next responsibility of overseeing the execution.

Let's see how we can mark a task as “Completed” in the app and in the Admin dashboard.

Dashboard (Admin access only)

Options 1:

  1. Select the task you want to mark complete

  2. Go up to actions (colored in blue above the tasks)

  3. Click on “Mark as completed”

Option 2:

  1. Click on the task you want to mark as complete

  2. The task editor will open up on the right.

  3. Click the “Mark task as done” on the bottom of the sidebar menu.


  1. Enter the “task management”

  2. Click on the task you want to mark as complete

  3. Click on the Green “Mark as Done” Icon

And there you go- your task has been marked as done :)

Now that you have the basics - go ahead and get started!

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