Quick Tasks: Overdue Tasks

Get a quick visual on tasks that were not performed on time, making sure nothing falls between the cracks

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You can say goodbye to endless phone calls and micromanaging and welcome efficiency at its finest! The Quick tasks feature allows you to control and manage your day-to-day tasks, recurring tasks, projects and most importantly overdue tasks. Having the ability to overview your overdue tasks gives you the security you need that everything is being taken care of. The Overdue Tasks will spot any task that has passed its due date and has not been completed.

Where can you find the Overdue Tasks?

Dashboard View

On the dashboard you will find the Overdue tasks in the Quick tasks tab on the top right corner of the each Tab.

Mobile view

On the Mobile you will be able to find the Overdue Tasks under Admin Tab > New Task.

Pro Tip: You will be have a few options for any of the overdue tasks, so you don’t only view them, but can also take action. These include:

  • Mark the task as “Done”.

  • Change tasks’ dates

  • Remind your users to complete the tasks

  • Edit the tasks

  • Delete or Archive tasks

What Do Overdue Tasks Look Like:

On the Dashboard:

On the Mobile app:

You will no longer have to spot these overdue tasks yourself, Connecteam automatically does it for you and helps you stay up to date!

Additional Resources on Quick Tasks

*The overdue tab is available from the Basic plan and above*

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