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How Do Employees Log In and Out of the Kiosk App?
How Do Employees Log In and Out of the Kiosk App?

Log in an out of the kiosk app using your personal user PIN code

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After the Admin or Owner of the app has set up the kiosk app, your Users can Log in to the kiosk app using their unique PIN code.

Users unique PIN code can be found in the User profile. Navigate to the Users tab, click on a user's name, and scroll down to the Usage Info section to view the Kiosk code.

To log into the Kiosk app your Users need to simply put in their unique PIN code at the kiosk main page to access the app. When the User finishes using the app and wants to Log Out Click the red Logout button on the left side of your screen and click it once more to confirm the Logout.

To get more information about the Kiosk app, click here.

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