Once a task is created, it is now available on both the mobile users' app and the creators' web dashboard. But supervising and managing execution requires 2-way indications (Task assignee and Task creator) of the progress of each task from creation to completion. Our notifications do just that. With notifications that go both to the assignee and the creator, everyone is on the same page and on top of things at all times.

Let's look at what notifications are available and how to set them.

My tasks - tasks that were assigned to me:

  1. "A new task was assigned to me" - Whenever someone from your company assigns you to a task, you will be notified. Mobile users, by mobile push notifications, Dashboard Admins can choose to receive by web as well.

  2. "A task was edited" - If a task was edited after it was published, you will receive a notification.

  3. "A task is past the due date" - When creating a task, one of the optional information fields is the due date and time for the task, AKA when it needs to be done by. If your task is not completed by the due date, you'll receive a notification.

Mobile users will receive notifications by mobile, Dashboard Admins can choose to receive by web push as well.

Task created by me:

  1. "A user has completed a task"- Every time one of your tasks gets completed, you'll be notified.

  2. "All sub-tasks were completed for a task"- If a task contains subtasks as soon as they are all completed, you'll be notified.

  3. "A task's due date has passed" - If a task was given a due date and that date has passed, you'll be notified.

  4. "A user added a comment on a task" - Users have the ability to add notes to tasks if they want to inform the task creator of anything using free text and pictures. Whenever a comment is added to a task you created, you'll be notified.

How to set notifications:

Notifications are individually set from either the web dashboard (admin access only) or the mobile app.

Web dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the task management feature.

  2. Click "Options" in the top right corner.

  3. Choose "Settings".

  4. On the left sidebar menu, choose "Notifications"

Mobile app:

  1. Enter "Task management".

  2. Click on the "Settings" icon (cog) in the top right corner.

Note: Mobile users without permission to create tasks will only see the "Notifications about my tasks" section.

Now your notifications are set, you can rest assured that all tasks related to you (created by or assigned) will consistently make themselves "Pop" at key times alerting you of the tasks' progression.

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