One of Connecteam's goals is to give you the tools you need to be in control of your team's shifts, prevent time-theft, and inefficient processes.
For example, preventing employees who arrive early to just clock in before the shift starts.

This is why we created the Time-Clock Limitations.

What can be done with Time-Clock Limitations

The Time-Clock limitations can be found in the time-clock settings and include the following limitations:

Limit users time on the clock

Set daily boundaries for the clock in and clock out times.
Users won't be able to clock in prior to the daily designated times and will be automatically clocked out once reaching the daily hour limit.

If employees would try to clock in before the allowed clock-in time, they would be given the option to receive a reminder once the clock-in is available.

Absences limitations

Determine how many days in advance users may send an absence request.

This will prevent employees from sending short-notice absence requests that might affect your team's approved schedule or which may just not be approved or declined on time.

If you really want to stay in control of your employees' actions within the time-clock and save the headache - the Time-Clock Limitations are definitely A MUST.

Head to the time-clock settings to set your users time-clock limitations:

Time-Clock Limitations are available in the Expert plan and above

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