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Decide when your employees will be able to clock in and will be automatically clocked out within the Time Clock (5-minute read)

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One of Connecteam's goals is to give you the tools to be in control of your team's shifts, prevent time theft, and avoid inefficient processes. Clock-in limitations serve to prevent employees from clocking in too early before their scheduled shift, whereas clock-out limitations prevent employees from inadvertently forgetting to clock out at the end of their shift. In this article, we'll go over the available settings in the Time Clock's Limitations tab and how to enable them.

How to Activate Limitations

To activate the Time Clock Limitations head to your Time Clock, click on Settings at the top right, select the Limitations tab, and activate the relevant Limitations for you and your team.

Pro tip: Time Clock settings apply for all users assigned to the Time Clock. If some users require different settings, you will need to open a separate Time Clock for them.

Limit When and How Users Track Time

The following limitations allow users to track time according to their scheduled shifts in the Job Scheduler. Therefore, the settings are only available when your Time Clock and Job Scheduler are synced. When this option is activated and users access the Time Clock, they will be directed to their Job Scheduler and will need to clock in from there, as shown in the message below.

Clock In Limitations

To limit users to clocking in within their scheduled shifts only, enable the Clock in limitation option and select 'Users can only clock in within their schedule shifts'.

To expand the timeframe and allow users to clock in starting from a certain amount of time before their shift starts, select the option 'Users can clock in up to X minutes before their assigned shift starts'.

Clock out Limitations

To automatically clock out users at the end of their shift, enable 'Auto clock out at the end of a shift' and select 'Users will be automatically clocked out at the end of their shift'.

To expand the timeframe and decide to auto clock out users after a certain amount of time if they did not clock out themselves at the end of their shift, select the option 'If users didn't clock out at the end of their shift, clock them out automatically X minutes after their shift ends'.

Custom Limit by Days

You have the option to set daily boundaries for clock-in and clock-out times. When the circle for the day of the month is blue, it means the limitation has been applied for that day. Your Time Clock and Job Scheduler do not have to be synced in order to activate this setting.

Users won't be able to clock in prior to the daily designated times and will automatically be clocked out once reaching the daily hour limit. If employees will try to clock in before the allowed clock in time, they will be given the option to receive a reminder once clock in is available.

Pro tip: In the Time Clock's General Settings, there is the option to automatically clock out employees after exceeding a certain number of hours, rather than by a specific time. This capability is available from the Advanced plan.

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*Time Clock Limitations are available in the Expert plan and above*

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